What is a sex offender called. Sex Offender Registration Act.

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Registered Sex Offender!?

What is a sex offender called

If such photograph is taken, the law enforcement agency shall promptly forward a copy of such photograph to the division. On each anniversary of the sex offender's initial registration date thereafter, the provisions of section one hundred sixty-eight-f of this article shall apply. Any sex offender, who is released on probation or discharged upon payment of a fine, conditional discharge or unconditional discharge shall, prior to such release or discharge, be informed of his or her duty to register under this article by the court in which he or she was convicted. At the conclusion of the hearing, or if the defendant does not controvert an allegation that the defendant was previously convicted of a sex offense or a sexually violent offense defined in this article or has previously been convicted of or convicted for an attempt to commit any of the provisions of section Upon application of either party, the court shall seal any portion of the court file or record which contains material that is confidential under any state or federal statute. Upon receipt of a change in the status of the enrollment, attendance, employment or residence at an institution of higher education by a sex offender required to register under this article, the division shall notify each law enforcement agency having jurisdiction which is affected by such change. In addition, CEOS attorneys conduct trainings to educate law enforcement officials, investigators, prosecutors, and others about the national sex offender registration system. The division shall also make registry information available to: A sex offender who has been convicted of an offense which requires registration under paragraph d of subdivision two or paragraph b of subdivision three of section one hundred sixty-eight-a of this article shall notify the division of the new address no later than ten calendar days after such sex offender establishes residence in this state. Convictions that result from or are connected with the same act, or result from offenses committed at the same time, shall be counted for the purpose of this article as one conviction. The division shall also establish a public awareness campaign to advise the public of the provisions of this article. The court shall also advise the sex offender that he or she has the right to be represented by counsel at the hearing and counsel will be appointed if he or she is financially unable to retain counsel. The term of office of each member of such board shall be for six years; provided, however, that any member chosen to fill a vacancy occurring otherwise than by expiration of term shall be appointed for the remainder of the unexpired term of the member whom he or she is to succeed. In addition, in such case, the information described herein shall also be provided in the subdirectory established in this article and notwithstanding any other provision of law, such information shall, upon request, be made available to the public. This recommendation shall be confidential and shall not be available for public inspection. What is a sex offender called

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  1. Facts previously proven at trial or elicited at the time of entry of a plea of guilty shall be deemed established by clear and convincing evidence and shall not be relitigated. Where such a finding was previously made, the court shall assign counsel to represent the offender, pursuant to article eighteen-B of the county law. The court shall also notify the district attorney and the sex offender of the date of the determination proceeding to be held pursuant to subdivision three of this section, which shall be held at least forty-five days after such notice is given.

  2. The court shall require the sex offender to read and sign such form and to complete the registration portion of such form. A failure by a state or local agency or the board to act or by a court to render a determination within the time period specified in this article shall not affect the obligation of the sex offender to register or verify under this article nor shall such failure prevent a court from making a determination regarding the sex offender's level of notification and whether such offender is required by law to be registered for a period of twenty years or for life.

  3. No official, agency, authorized person or entity, whether public or private, shall be subject to any civil or criminal liability for damages for any decision or action made in the ordinary course of business of that official, agency, authorized person or entity pursuant to paragraphs b and c of this subdivision, provided that such official, agency, authorized person or entity acted reasonably and in good faith with respect to such registry information.

  4. If the district attorney seeks a determination that differs from the recommendation submitted by the board, at least ten days prior to the determination proceeding the district attorney shall provide to the court and the sex offender a statement setting forth the determinations sought by the district attorney together with the reasons for seeking such determinations. If the court finds that the defendant has such a previous conviction, the court shall certify the defendant as a sex offender, the provisions of paragraph a of this subdivision shall apply and the defendant shall register with the division in accordance with the provisions of this article.

  5. Definitions As used in this article, the following definitions apply: Notification of local law enforcement agencies of change of address 1.

  6. Where a court is unable to make a determination prior to the date scheduled for a sex offender's discharge, parole, release to post-release supervision or release, it shall adjourn the hearing until after the offender is discharged, paroled, released to post-release supervision or released, and shall then expeditiously complete the hearing and issue its determination. Any nonresident worker or nonresident student, as defined in subdivisions fourteen and fifteen of section one hundred sixty-eight-a of this article, shall register his or her current address and the address of his or her place of employment or educational institution attended with the division within ten calendar days after such nonresident worker or nonresident student commences employment or attendance at an educational institution in the state. The district attorney may file a petition to modify the level of notification for a sex offender with the sentencing court or with the court which made the determination regarding the level of notification, where the sex offender a has been convicted of a new crime, or there has been a determination after a proceeding pursuant to section

  7. Any failure or omission to submit the required fee shall not affect the acceptance by the division of the change of address or change of status. In the case of any sex offender on probation, it shall be the duty of the sex offender's probation officer to notify the division within forty-eight hours of the new place of residence on a form provided by the division. Sex offender; relocation; notification 1.

  8. Before releasing any information the division shall require an authorized internet entity that requests information from the registry to submit to the division the name, address and telephone number of such entity and the specific legal nature and corporate status of such entity. Duration of registration and verification 1.

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