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Variables declared with let are hoisted, but crucially, they are not automatically initialised with the value undefined, which means that the following code produces an error: Immutability While the value of a const variable cannot be changed with reassignment, const variables are not completely immutable. About this Post This post, Block Scope with let and const, lays the foundation of your ES knowledge by giving you a solid foundation in the fundamentals of the different scopes available in JavaScript, the different scenarios that cause scopes to be created, and the impact this has on variable access. Consider a JavaScript file which contains only the following code: Imagine that you have a JavaScript file containing only the following code: Grab jaw-dropping dresses and sexy lingerie at unbelievable prices. Using const The new const statement is used to declare a variable whose value cannot be reassigned. The scope chain is longer in this example, stretching from the inner function, through the outer function, and up to the global window object. You can choose brief or bikini bottoms that will give you more coverage and support your rear. Exercises Use let to initialize the counter variable for a for loop. Fix the following const errors: Web sexy com

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  1. But remember, it is just the declaration of the function that is hoisted, not the invocation of the function. It behaves in a very similar way as let does with regard to the TDZ, but when being declared, a const variable must be initialised with a value: JavaScript has traditionally had two types of scope:

  2. JavaScript has traditionally had two types of scope: Block scope means that a block is able to create its own scope, rather than simply existing within the scope created by its nearest parent function, or the global scope. JavaScript has two phases:

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  4. Conditional expressions, such as if, for, and while statements, all use blocks to execute statements based on certain conditions. Looking to invest in the fab five here and reinvent your wardrobe? The term hoisting describes what happens when the JavaScript engine encounters an identifier, such as a variable or function declaration; when it does this, it acts as if it literally lifts hoists that declaration up to the top of the current scope.

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