Tips to have anal sex. Anal Sexual Health: How to Have Safe Sex.

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Make ANAL SEX More Enjoyable For Her

Tips to have anal sex

In order to perform anal sex safely, you must follow certain guidelines. Skip this Ad Use Lube sweethoney said, "Two words: Skipping using his fingers to slowly and gradually stimulate your anus, is like sticking his penis in your vagina with any kind of foreplay! This can create big problems in the form of a bacterial infection. Being gentle is a must to perform anal sex, if he doesn't want to hurt you. Getting it in should feel like a little POP. You can also come to one of my workshops on anal play , which I teach all over the US and Canada. For that reason, you should use only water-based lubricants with latex condoms. You can also tweet me questions at Guide2WickedSex. So, does anal sex hurt without lube? Tips to have anal sex

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  1. Safety First It's great to float like a butterfly, but avoid stinging like a bee with proper protection.

  2. There are special lubricants for anal sex which contain benzocaine, an agent that desensitizes the anus, relieves pain, and makes penetration more comfortable. Lube is your BFF.

  3. Masturbate or engage in clitoral stimulation at the same time, and maybe use a vibrator like the WeVibe Touch for added sensation. Read more about lubrication and how to choose the best product for you HERE.

  4. When a woman takes a man deep inside her it can bring about an opening and a surrender that she has never experienced before. Use a condom to protect you and your partner from sexually transmitted diseases STDs , and use plenty of a water-based lubricant. Safety First It's great to float like a butterfly, but avoid stinging like a bee with proper protection.

  5. Never use lubrication with numbing properties because you won't be able to feel if you're being injured. While you don't want to drink so much that you get too numb, a drink or two to relax may be just what you both need. This is very important for the beginner.

  6. The insides of butts are pretty personal. Not only that, but it also creates a closeness, because both partners are getting their needs met.

  7. However, they are very keen on maintaining good health, so often Russian husbands will request their wives to assist in their treatment for prostate massage. It takes time to get comfortable!

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