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Escala Kinsey / Sexualidad

Sexuality test kinsey

They suggest that sexual identity involves at least three different spectra. But Kinsey is a famously flawed icon. You can try out a version of the Kinsey test here. It wasn't until the early s that sex surveys caught up with statistics, in the work of Edward Laumann of the University of Chicago. The same problem plagued the next wave of sex surveys. It's the most authoritative sexual self-portrait the country has. He's also interested in international comparisons of sexual satisfaction and has worked on that issue with money from Pfizer, makers of Viagra. Sex researcher Alfred Kinsey Alfred Kinsey spent 25 years conducting his famous sex surveys. Though Hite tried to include women of many different backgrounds—drawing on the mailing lists of feminist organization, women's magazines, and some religious groups—her overall response rate was low, making it hard to generalize from her numbers. Having mastered the art of the huge sex survey, and calmed conservatives, Laumann now argues that the questions most worth exploring are the fine-grained ones: Kinsey had just a handful, and did a large number of interviews himself. It has various parts of its anatomy labelled to refer to various parts of human gender, genitals, orientation, presentation, and sexuality. If, God forbid, a government-sponsored study had echoed Kinsey's findings, the results would have been hard to dismiss. He and his staff met some of the people they interviewed in bars or at parties, and got them to recruit their friends. When he turned his attention to sex research, Kinsey followed an ostensibly similar approach, sampling volunteers and amassing a vast collection of "sexual histories," analysis of which he and his colleagues published in the controversial, surprise best-selling studies, Sexual Behavior in the Human Male and Sexual Behavior in the Human Female Sexuality test kinsey

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  1. There have been suggested many alternatives to the Kinsey scale, including the Purple Red Scale.

  2. Those most eager to talk about their sex lives—perhaps because they had sex lives—were probably overrepresented. They suggest that sexual identity involves at least three different spectra.

  3. If the number of respondents was one-fifth Kinsey's total, it was still a better snapshot of the nation. For more Kinsey stats, click here.

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