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LESBIAN KISSINGšŸ˜˜ (mother and daughter)

Mom kissing having sex with daughter

The MILF pulled her in and pushed her onto his cock to make her suck on it. I want you to have my daughter. After we rested for a bit, I told Lisa and Jessie that I wanted to see them together before I had to leave. I think it was at least ten minutes before Lisa calmed down from her orgasms. I have to ask you to do something for me. Will you teach me to be like you? The bed was completely saturated with her juices as Jessie knelt over her satisfied mom. I love these two blondes! It wasn't long before I told her I was going to cum. The teen then lets her mom have some of the action as she allowed her to climb on top of her boyfriend as she lied on the side. As my cock started filling up Jessie's cunt, I could feel Lisa trying to play with her daughter's clit. Hey John, you corrupted my mom. I rested for a couple of seconds and started pumping my cock into her ass. Lisa and I went from friends to lovers in a short period of time. Lisa always told me she would never have sex with a woman but somehow having sex with her daughter was different and ok. I also told them that in the future, I would not be using a condom with Jessie. When I was ready to cum, I pulled my cock out of Jessie's mouth and shot my load on both of their faces until I was completely spent. Mom kissing having sex with daughter

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  1. Lisa handed me a condom which I put on. I was now in the middle of Lisa and her daughter.

  2. Then Lisa told her, "Jessie, John said he will have sex with you as long as I am in bed with you two. Lisa looked back at me and with a puzzled look on her face, spurted out, "yes, I guess so.

  3. The teen girl has many orgasms her horny step mother gives her with tongue, fingers, and pussy.

  4. I walked over to them and my cock was again hard. In fact, Lisa had sent nude pictures of me while we were at the resort, which I didn't know about but felt flattered.

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