Michigan sex offender query. Oklahoma Public Records.

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Michigan sex offender tiers confusing

Michigan sex offender query

To report an escapee, please send an email to: An offender's location or place from which the offender is being supervised. However, some prisoners are also in the Special Alternative Incarceration Facility; are on writ to a county jail; are in another state or the federal government; are housed in a federal prison or county jail; are out on bond; or have escaped. The ERD refers only to that date at which a prisoner is eligible for parole, if all appropriate time off for good behavior is earned and if the prisoner is not serving a life sentence. These can be obtained by specific individuals under specific circumstances that vary from place to place. The number is generated when the PSI is created and it remains the same for offenders who are about to be re-sentenced. The date shown represents the date the offender left prison. Escapees pose a direct threat to the health, safety and welfare of any person, household or community. This is the prisoner's earliest release date ERD. An offender's name is listed as identified at the time of commitment to the MDOC. You could be a citizen looking up tax codes or a journalist trying to get raw data on government action, seeing if the consequence of a particular action played out in its intended way, say, by analyzing census data. Offenders with this designation have absconded from probation. It must be earned. In cases of escapees and absconders, the location is the place where the offender was last being supervised before escape. Michigan sex offender query

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  1. For probationers, the Maximum Discharge Date is the expiration date of the probation order with the greatest calendar date. OTIS additionally allows an offender search by scars, marks or tattoos.

  2. An offender's MDOC number is unique. If you believe information is in error, please contact the sentencing court for clarification.

  3. Prisoners who escaped from a non-secure or non-prison location, such as a former corrections center, or who broke their electronic tethers, are given this designation.

  4. Absconders pose a direct threat to the health, safety and welfare of any person, household or community. Information is only removed from OTIS if the conviction is set aside or expunged by the sentencing court or by operation of the law. It must be earned.

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