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However they flub the first letter as an "S" and gleefully go with the joke suggestion of Scatattack. It's even better if the trailer itself plays in your ad break for this video. Word of God has confirmed that it's not that Kamineko hates people, it's just that Sakaki's cold, tough demeanor makes cats think she's going to hurt them. When Grant states they respect gym leaders, Lani responds in shock that no, they don't. The guys are absolutely tickled when Wanda murders it in two moves without taking a single hit. Interestingly, though, Arthur actually seems to like Suzaku; the official website for the second season says that he bites out of love which is something that some cats do, making that Truth in Television. They send out their hard earned Dratini first, in order to paralyze it, but Snorlax not only used Yawn, which put it to sleep, but almost managed to kill Dratini with one Headbutt, leaving it at 4 HP. Note that when cats just are not mean in some cases, that's Not a Subversion. In Episode 49 Lani points out the reason they keep using Metronome, despite the chance of Self-Destruct which terrifies watchers, is because they could self-destruct. In Episode 48 Lani is not happy that they're facing Moltres, a level 50 legendary god, with low Pokemon. They decide to test the husband's acting skills, telling him he has three minutes to convince a gym leader to surrender a badge or the bomb strapped to his grandmother will explode. In general, kittens tend to be less affected by this trope adult cats are, since they are seen as cute and innocent and therefore "good". Contrast Cute Kitten though it can go hand-in-hand with this when Cute Is Evil , but, generally, Cuteness Equals Goodness , so this trope is mostly Played for Laughs with the evil being barely above Poke the Poodle level. With a sliver of health left, they say they have no choice but to Hyper-Beam it down. A trainer uses Whirlwind to replace out Johnnycash with Wanda. A cat enjoys causing trouble. Several episodes later they note people missed the reference and assumed she was named after Ronda Rousey. Luxray sex

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  1. A Muk gives them a hard time, surviving three different attacks from Wanda. Shiranui seems to take over this role when not used for Cuteness Proximity , while Tama plays more to the Funny Animal aspect.

  2. Kuro is a Yandere Schoolgirl Lesbian who has kicked her 23 year old teacher in the nuts at least 30 times because her crush Rin, her best friend has a thing for him.

  3. And finally, they send out Wanda in order to combat the menace, but when the episode's outro is being given by Lani, the Snorlax manages to use Headbutt, and Wanda, who is nearly full health drops to 10 HP. But really only Buburina and Doh-doh sort of are bad. It's like "Oh Jesus!

  4. Beers from the Dragon Ball Z: We read human emotions into animals, usually unintentionally, and the cat equivalents of 'friendly' and 'happy' don't change their facial expressions.

  5. When another Pokemon of the same kind comes out Lani warns there will be consequences if it kills Sandrew as well. Arthur from Code Geass creates a running joke by always making trouble for Suzaku, usually by biting him and nobody else.

  6. Deciding to play it safe, they use their starter's basic non-STAB attack to avoid excessive damage that will potentially lose them their first catch of the game. Not to mention, he is the strongest villain in DBZ history.

  7. Beers from the Dragon Ball Z: Episode 26 begins with Lanipator berating Kirran for somehow losing all of their gambling money from the previous episode within the time it took for Lani to go to the bathroom. Protagonist cats rarely eat mice rats , on the other hand

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