Kissing her long nails during sex. The secret of instant sex appeal is right at your fingertips.

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Kissing her long nails during sex

Then, kiss her passionately and begin to finger her as described earlier as you pull out. My girlfriends are instantly complimentary. This will quickly increase her arousal. They prefer to get fucked — hard. Begin to stroke your finger back and forth in a come-hither motion. Then, suck her vagina into your mouth as your finger her. You should do this for minutes. Try installing a light dimmer in your bedroom. Some girls just prefer to get fucked for a while before coming. Although I was wearing exactly the same outfit of a cream blouse and skinny jeans, I instantly felt more glamorous and powerful. When you have two fingers inside her, adjust your palm. Remember, with great power comes great responsibility. Share or comment on this article: The black nails make me feel like Morticia from the Addams Family, and the deathly shade seems to make my hands look paler and older. Then, you begin to rapidly move your hand up and down. Kissing her long nails during sex

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  1. To give me the look, Nina files my nails to a slightly shorter, quarter-inch oval. You have to guide her towards what you both want. Begin to reach down her panties and stop.

  2. Then, spread them until your pelvis is touching her clitoris. With sharpened nails a staggering half-an-inch long, it was like having a lethal weapon on the end of each finger — when I tried to scratch my itchy nose, I actually broke the skin.

  3. Your other hand will be on the left-middle part of her abdomen and close to her vagina — right above her pelvic bone where her hip bone starts. As I toyed with my glass, I noticed several heads turn towards me. Begin to reach down her panties and stop.

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