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"What is a Sacredly Sexual Priestess?"

High priestesses vestal sex

In addition to this they were expected to prepare offerings and sacrifices, and observe any other rituals that were not permitted to be performed by the male priests. You could also say that, 'The High Priestess in you knows what your true worth is. A brothel called the "Abbey" was instituted in the papal city of Avignon under the patronage of Queen Joanna of Naples. It is because of this that The High Priestess can also address the deeper aspects of human sexuality. The profession also became a refuge for women who wished to keep claim of themselves and their rights. Diana Rose Hartmann MA is a freelance writer and artist. Other Roman writers to have pored over the concept of pudicitia include Valerius Maximus, Cicero, Tacitus, and Tertullian. Another factor of course is that the Jesus and Mohammad businesses are multi-billion dollar industries, and thus the professional hypnotists i. Unfortunately, the punishments for errant vestals were ridiculously harsh. So Crassus and Licinia were free to go. The vestal priestesses were chosen when they were young and were forbidden from sex and bearing children as long as they tended to the sacred fire. But why keep virgins for that? How do we know this? After severe fasts and abstinence, men and women are assembled naked and at a given signal run a race and every man cohabits with the woman he catches. These orgiastic feasts accepted by the church to allow its followers to let off steam caused by their sexual repression went on until often assuming a desecrating or profaning nature especially when they were held inside the churches. High priestesses vestal sex

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  1. Those familiar with the Greek myth of Demeter and Persephone will recognize the precedence found in the earlier Inanna myths. The secret of the High Priestess, and the source of her power, is not to listen to the voices in her head, it is to listen to the truth of her BODY. Mere suspicion of sexual misbehaviour could be fatal for the virgins—Domitian executed four of them on dubious grounds.

  2. Charles Pierre Joseph Normand So much emphasis has been placed on the chastity and virtue of the vestals. When condemned by the college of pontifices, she was stripped of her vittae and other badges of office, was scourged, was attired like a corpse, placed in a close litter, and borne through the forum attended by her weeping kindred, with all the ceremonies of a real funeral, to a rising ground called the Campus Sceleratus just within the city walls, close to the Colline gate.

  3. Open sexual relations were considered a sacred rite of fertility, which was used to increase the fertility of people, animals and the earth, as in ancient civilizations fertility is not natural, it comes from the gods. Through such sacrifices the priestess communicated with the deity on behalf of the community, strengthening divine and social bonds, while those attending gave witness and partook of any remaining sacrificial food. In Eastern Islam, where there are more males than females, the young girls who remain unmarried and offer themselves to men are looked upon as public benefactors.

  4. I certainly would consider having to spend eternity with such persons to be a horrific idea. Rather than fighting his own battles, he can get his army of slaves to fight on his own behalf, and rather than working for a living he can get his slaves to do all the work; essentially what he demands is total obedience, and this is very much like the psychopathic war gods of the Bible and the Koran.

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