Grouper sex. Yellowfin Grouper.

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Grouper sex

Thee Swa Gau Local Teochew: There are 64 genera and approximately species worldwide. The origin of this name in Portuguese is believed to be from an indigenous South American language. DNA barcoding of grouper species might help in controlling Ciguatera fish poisoning since fish are easily identified, even from meal remnants, with molecular tools. Many species are hermaphrodites, meaning that they can change their sex. The largest males often control harems containing three to 15 females. Numerous small brownish orange or reddish brown spots on head, body, and median fins. Head small, strongly curved. Malaysia is represented by 15 genera and approximately 68 species. Maximum length at least 95 cm. Grey in colour, with well-separated black spots smaller than pupil on head, body and fins. They are the real sea basses. Grouper sex

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  1. Maximum total length 34 cm. The fins of mature males have a dark blue-black margin with exception of the caudal and anal fin which exhibit a white margin.

  2. Maximum total length at least 60 cm, commonly 30 cm. They swallow prey rather than biting pieces off it.

  3. Unlike snappers which move in groups, they are intolerant of the same species or other similar fishes.

  4. They habitually eat fish, squid, and crustacean. They do not have many teeth on the edges of their jaws, but they have heavy crushing tooth plates inside the pharynx. Groupers can attain up to 3 m maximum length and weights of up to kg.

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