Free arb sex samples. Effect of Saxagliptin on Renal Outcomes in the SAVOR-TIMI 53 Trial.

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ACEI and ARB have been previously shown to be beneficial in reducing the progression of albuminuria only in patients with microalbuminuria and macroalbuminuria, and not in normoalbuminuric patients, thus presenting a potential benefit that may be unique to this drug or class 22 , The P values of some of the analyses showing reduction in ACR were borderline, and no correction was done for multiple testing. Jude Medical, and University of Calgary. The SAVOR-TIMI 53 trial demonstrated that saxagliptin neither increased nor decreased the risk of the primary composite end point of nonfatal myocardial infarction, nonfatal stroke, or CV death 17 ; this finding was true also regarding the different renal function categories Parts of this study were presented in abstract form at the 50th Annual Meeting of the European Association for the Study of Diabetes, Vienna, Austria, 1519 September Reduction in ACR was also demonstrated in smaller, uncontrolled human studies of short duration with other DPP-4 inhibitors 13 , However, saxagliptin did not affect other renal or CV outcomes. This was observed in patients with normo-, micro-, and macroalbuminuria, irrespective of eGFR at baseline. Despite the fact that most renal outcomes were predefined, it is important to note the limitation of interpolation of exploratory end points when the primary results of the entire trial 17 as well as the renal analysis were null. Lastly, decreased ACR in saxagliptin-treated patients seemed to be independent of saxagliptin's effect on glycemia. A recent meta-analysis included 21 trials and 78, patients and demonstrated that reducing albuminuria by various pharmacological interventions was strongly associated with decreased progression to ESRD The clinical significance of this observation is not known. Eugene Braunwald, study chair; Deepak L. Free arb sex samples

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  1. This was observed in patients with normo-, micro-, and macroalbuminuria, irrespective of eGFR at baseline. All laboratory data, including ACR and creatinine, were collected at a central laboratory; renal outcomes, both safety and efficacy, were for the most part prespecified. Treatment with saxagliptin was found to be safe with regard to renal outcomes; however, the study did not demonstrate improvement in hard renal outcomes such as doubling of creatinine or initiation of renal replacement therapy.

  2. In patients with similar eGFR, the clinical significance of varying degrees of albuminuria on renal and CV outcomes is an ongoing debate 1.

  3. An increase in the rate of hospitalization for heart failure in patients treated with saxagliptin regardless of renal function was observed 17 ,

  4. The main finding of this prespecified secondary analysis is that treatment with saxagliptin was associated with a reduction in ACR compared with placebo.

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