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Femboy sex tumblr

Tommy obeyed without hesitation. Without a word, the guy took him into the spacious handicapped stall, latched the door, pushed him up against a wall, and yanked down his panties. There were about twenty guys standing around in the big living room drinking beer from red plastic cups. It was an exceptionally long penis, and it took a long time to get it all into him. The third guy backed off and waited quietly by the sinks until he could retrieve his phone. It was several minutes before he had the strength to get back to his feet and clean up. From somewhere at the back of the crowd, a chant started up and spread quickly. About halfway through this round, a third guy opened the stall door and started taking pictures with his phone. They ended up at the windowless end of a building where the flower bushes rose eight feet high and the adjacent sidewalk had little traffic. You were really getting into it. Once, he spotted Gary and Cal in the commons, telling their story to a small but rapt crowd of students. There, in a narrow but not unpleasant space between the bushes and a brick wall, They had Tommy get down on his hands and knees. With a cock plunging in and out of his ass and another one to suck on, the world was a happy place for Tommy. They each fucked Tommy until they, too, groaned and came, and when they were done they zipped up and left without a word. Femboy sex tumblr

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  1. He lubed his ass thoroughly each morning right after his morning enema, and he no longer wore panties. He heard the guy wash up and leave the restroom.

  2. Why should he even bother to wear panties? Then he heard a zipper, the rustle of cloth, and a few moments later the thick, warm head of a hard cock was nosing between his cheeks.

  3. Without a word, the guy bent him over the toilet, lifted his skirt, yanked down his panties, and began forcing his cock into him. Tommy groaned as the cock stretched his anus, filling his rectum with a rock-hard, brutal truncheon of a dick. Tommy was late for class.

  4. Would you be interested in attending? He straightened his skirt and pulled himself together as best he could.

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