Does wellbutrin affect your sex drive. Benefits of Wellbutrin A Quick Reference Guide.

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Do Anti-Depressants Lower Libido?

Does wellbutrin affect your sex drive

I highly recommend working closely with a psychiatrist letting them know what's working, what's not working and when things change. When I started wellbutrin, the 1st week, I was spacey and felt like I was a little high. Has anyone had this issue with Wellbutrin? Tolerance does not develop as long as sex drive enhancing natural supplements are not used all the time. I might be quiet all day and not be angry or sad, thinking I feel fine, but then my boyfriend asks me a question and my response is "barkish" and sounds mean. Read More i was taking clonozapam, wellbutrin and adderall when i found out i was pregnant at 6 weeks pregnant and i discontinued use. When I am on this drug I want to eat non-stop. I had a noticeable difference, he told me to continue taking the Lexapro, but I have not noticed the increase in libido. My doctor told me that I need testosterone to enhance my sex drive ever since I've had my ovaries removed. They all were really hard on "sexual function. Not only did I get dry mouth, but dry nose too, which resulted in spontaneous nose bleeds. Liberty at September 11, 8: Stay away for soda, the sodium really puffs you up They I was switched to Paxil. From wanting to die to really enjoying my days.. It should be kept mind though that it is a medicine with stimulant properties and there is not enough data at this time to understand how it may either fuel or control impulsivity. Especially since bupropion targets dopamine and norepinephrine and mirtazapine targets serotonin and norepinephrine so you get all the major neurotransmitters that make you feel better. Does wellbutrin affect your sex drive

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  1. I've been on generic Wellbutrin for 9 months, and the main side effect has been sudden acute anxiety after I was finally completely off the Effexor. My depression is so bad I'm on SS Disability for it.

  2. It's always been very thick, and although I realize hair does thin with age, this is beyond normal.

  3. Found a bottle at Wallgreen's. I went up too and all the way down to because of the others and I wanted to stablize my life. After a week I contacted my docter and doubled the dosage to mgxl.

  4. Getting up in the morning is much easier - I haven't been late to work 1x this week my place of employment is very understanding. Sharon at May 13, 4: I am sooo agitated way over eating.

  5. Is this from the medication, and should I add zoloft with it or discontinue it all together? Who knows, it could also be just knowing that I was finally doing something for myself.

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