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Girl or boy calendar

Chinese sex calender boy or girl

In this section I teach you how to calculate your lunar age, which is different from the common Gregorian, Western age that we all compute in most of the world. These Gregorian intervals are actually the periods that this astrological method of gender selection the Chinese Gender Predictor recommends for conceiving a boy. So, you have only three options when it comes to using this legendary method of gender predetermination. Calculate the lunar age of the woman in the period when she intends to conceive a boy, using the conversion table found at step 1 and the rules for computing the Chinese lunar age presented in one of the preceding sections of this article. Well, aside from its beautiful coloring, this small and simple table is also very famous and useful. The cell that lies at their intersection contains the most probable gender of that baby. Do you know when the mother of that child was born and when that fetus was conceived? The Predictor Chart will display whether you will have a baby or girl during different months of conception. Things Needed For this second approach, you need to know or decide on the following things: Or you simply use a Chinese Gender Calculator, which is a program that determines the Gregorian periods that are favorable to conceiving a girl or a boy, depending on the values you introduce in that calculator. Just click the link to select your date of birth, preferred baby gender and the year to get pregnant, you will get the best conceiving time quickly. Chinese sex calender boy or girl

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  1. Based on the pros and cons of each of the three manners, I hope you will choose the right approach es.

  2. Click here to find your Chinese Age. Conclusion If you are wondering how to conceive a girl using the Chinese Calendar Method, I think this article contains all you need to know about the modalities in which you can employ this legendary strategy of gender predetermination.

  3. Instead, the dates displayed in this interesting table refer to the Chinese lunar calendar, the civil calendar that is still used nowadays in China, but only for traditional purposes, like determining the days which are favorable to moving, getting married, decorating your house, meeting friends, etc.

  4. Well, I think that the greatest advantage of this first modality consists in its reliability.

  5. But not any kind of months and ages! The Chinese lunar age of a person at a certain moment is equal with the number of Chinese lunar New Year Eves that have passed since the birth of that person, plus one lunar year. So, this famous table has rows and columns, namely horizontal lines and vertical lines, respectively.

  6. The simplest timing strategy is the Chinese Calendar method, which uses a table to indicate when you ought to make love for having a daughter. For each of these lunar months and for the year of intended conception decided at the first step , determine the common Western, Gregorian dates when these lunar months begin and end. On the left side of such a chart, identify the interval which contains your date of birth.

  7. Things Needed Just like for the other two modalities of using the Chinese Calendar Method for conceiving a girl or a boy, you need to know your birthdate, the gender you prefer and the year of planned conception.

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